Graduating Class of 2011 Hermanitas

I’d like to congratulate those young women who have focused and given their heart & soul in their strive to success. Through the years, I have promoted higher education and volunteered hours to the Hermanitas®, a youth mentorship program of MANA de San Diego.  This year, two special ladies whom I introduced to the program graduated this summer, Maria and Kareli Mendez. These ladies along with more than 60 young girls learned, played, and served their community. Of course, the program directed by Celina Caprio could not have been successful without the mentors. Thank you to their love, patience and guidance of our mentors, professional women, who volunteer their valuable time leading them to  success.

The Hermanitas® is a national initiative focused on developing the talent and skills of Latinas in middle and high school through educational programs provided by the National Hermanitas Summer Institute, Girl Scout partnership, community service, and school based initiatives. It promotes higher education, leadership development and peer support to young women through a one-on-one mentorship program. To learn more about the Hermanitas visit www.manasd.org

Again ladies congratulations for a job well done!!


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