Inflation, Unemployment, Stock Market…the economy is hurting and so is your credit score. You are not alone! Many just like you are hurting but are thinking positive. Your credit score is a primary factor used in determining your overall creditworthiness. Here are a few things you can do to bump up your credit score:

*Payoff your small balances or paydown balances within grace period (normally 30 days)
*Pay more than your minimum payment when possible
*Don’t overuse your credit limit – try to keep it below 50% of your limit
*Make your payment on time; if late contact your creditor discuss your situation and make arrangements – keep in communication
*Review your credit report for correct reporting from your creditor; if not reporting correctly contact your creditor or credit bureaus and dispute negative rating

*if in collections, try to work with agency when possible

Don’t lose hope it can all work out if you keep on top of things and keep in communication with creditors/agencies.


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