For a variety of years during my young life I wondered what a mentor meant. What was a mentor? How can it help me?

As I graduated from high school and moved into the big leagues of the college world I learned that I knew what a mentor was all along. I just didnt know they called it ‘mentoring’. As simple as this misunderstanding can sound many young teens grow up not knowing what and how mentoring can help them overcome many challenges. Your teacher, your coach, your classmates and/or your own parents can be your closest mentors.

Throughout my life I was lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful people who would guide me and help live a better life. My mentor(s) permitted me to see, hear, feel, smell and listen to what life can bring and how to deal with situations. Situations such as how to succeed in college or how to be proactive about concerns. The benefit of having mentors is a valuable tool. Due to the help of many, I moved forward and I continously focus on mentoring others returning the favor for our future generation like I did with the Hermanitas® Youth Mentorship program.

The Hermanitas® is a national initiative which promotes higher education, leadership development and peer support to young woman ages 12–18, through a one-on-one mentorship program. Hermanitas® matches about 100-middle and high school girls with local professional women for a year focused on developing the talent and skills of these young woman through educational programs provided by the National Hermanitas Summer Institute, Girl Scout partnership, community service, and school based initiatives.

If you want to be part of this mentorship program please visit Their first mentor information session for the upcoming year is on August 17. Become a mentor today!


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