Happily walking down the sidewalk of the neighborhood a little girl smiles as she returns from her favorite place when suddenly a loud noise of burning rubber scared the little girl jumping into the arms of her aunt. As the aunt looks up, she encounters with a large vehicle spinning creating a donut-type dark mark and about to lose control of the heavy weapon. Inside the vehicle scared with excitement were five teens who decided to skip school for the chance of a moments thrill ignoring the consequences it may bring. As the smoky vehicle gets closer, the aunt observes their behavior and notes their faces turned serious and became scared as they were caught in the action. As they slowly moved forward exiting the area, the aunt sees eye-to-eye with the teen driver and with an intense feeling of the emotional and psychological harm this behavior brought to her and the little girl she stares and shouts DON’T KILL ANYONE!

Each year it is confirmed that teens are a danger to themselves and others behind the wheels of a moving vehicle. Witnesses such as myself understand how teens can lose control in a blink of an eye without thinking of the consequences. Just the thought that a black suburban runs over my niece killing her in an instant brings anger to my soul and all because five young “adult men” (who suppose to be in school) decided to go off road on a parking space close to a residential community. Come on teens please respect other lives!



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