The other day I traveled to one of my favorite places to relax and smell the fresh air – the marina on J Street.  As I drove to its parking lot I saw a truck delivering benches and setting them up at the park taking the old ones out of use. Then, I park and begin to walk around the marina about to start my favorite hobbie in the world, photography.

In one of my last visits to the marina, I remember taking a dirty picture. Why dirty you ask? Dirty because it showed the black and green slimy beast surrounding a rubber object called tire. Yes, one of many tires in the ocean provided an unhealthy, view to my eyes as I walked through the park but that changed.

Today, as I look around I’ve noticed the beauty of each plant in its warm space of the park. From the flowers to the variety of plants to the variety of birds attached to its wet land. The grass looked greener and the water cleaner as I walked through the edges of the sidewalk. Even the sweetest beings stepped out to smell the ocean, the ocean squirrrels. Being clean makes a difference.

Marina on J Street, Chula Vista CA



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