I almost dropped my heart a few days ago while watching the intense film “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” by famous producer Guillermo Del Toro and director Troy Nixey. Yes, I almost got a heart attack not only because of the mind-breaking cinema of the film but also because that in the middle of a dramatic moment in the movie the whole theatre shutdown. It was a total electrical scare!

While everyone else sat waiting for the film to come back I stepped out and investigated what had happened. I walked out to the lobby to find out clerks were informing that the whole mall’s electricity went out. I thought “that was odd”. I then went back to the theatre and gave a sign to my partners to roll out. Then, many more followed us immediately. After 911, it’s better to find out and not sit and wonder.

So, we stepped out and drove through the city heading home. We stopped at first traffic light and it didnt work. Then, the second, third, fourth, fifth traffic lights were off. We arrived at home and the electricity was down too. Next, we came to find out that most of San Diego County electricity and South of the Border had been interrupted as well. First thing, I thought “what could have happened that it interrupted a big area of Southern California?” An earthquake, a technical terrorist attack plan or a political tactic? Nowadays, you don’t know what to expect. I, being the investigator at heart I researched and called my contacts while we waited for a solution – restore electricity. After a while, I learned of various stories being told and ended up no where so we prepared for the unknown and enjoyed the moments in the darkness with the family(ies) and neighbors. We all joined together and helped each other in what we could till the electrical power came back.

Luckily, the electricity came back a few hours later but this incident sure provided us with an idea of how lucky we are to have this choice and more. Of course, there are others who didn’t learn anything from this scare. Sure, was a double scare of a lifetime for me! Be prepared!


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