Wow, the things one encounters in the Walk of Life can be very mind breaking. Today, I planned to have a relaxing and enjoyable day with no negativity nor any stress of such in my life but after today it was an interesting day I will not forget. Why you ask?

Focused to become more fit and healthy I walked to a small restaurant close by. After a nice walk to the place I ordered my food and sat determined to enjoy the delicious cuisine. When suddenly I over heard a sweet voice cry for help. I paused and attentively heard her cracked voice saying she’s in pain and about to faint to her friend as she used her cell phone. I then turned around quickly and offered my help. As her tears fall down her face, I began to ask for the symptoms she is having then I recommend to call 911 and she didnt want to. Trying to convince her, the manager approaches her and still did not budge. Aware of the circumstances, she confirmed me her friend will come and pick her up. She then informed me of her condition. Sadly, she suffers from a delicate situation and this confirmation assured me she needs special attention from specialists but informed stated she cannot afford to go the hospital. Strangely, I asked myself why wait when you know you are seriously in pain and aware of your circumstances. Knowing I was unable to help any longer I bought her a Gatorade drink which has electrolites and helps you when weak. She drank the liquid and she stated she felt a little better. I waited a few more minutes for her friend to arrive but no one came. Curious and aware I decided to leave after she asked me if I had a car. I thought that was a little odd and added all other things that just didnt click so I sincerely wished her a successful recovery and left the building.

Unsure of whether it was true or not of her condition I decided to move on. Seeing her tears and her reaction made me worry about her but then I still had that thought in my mind – what if she was a fake? Sadly, there are people who manage to play with peoples good intentions and take advantage of them, but just in case I wished her a good recovery especially from cancer. An interesting moment in my Walk of Life.


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