Book Introduction: The Time In Between

After having a delicious lunch accompanied by good company, I returned to my home to a surprising package. “A package for me? I didn’t order anything” I thought. The curiosity killed me I then pursue to open an interesting, large envelope.

As I slowly opened the yellowish package, my heart was pounding noticing the blue-like spine of a book. I continued opening the package when I saw with my own eyes the cover of the International Bestseller “The Time In Between”. The title says everything.  I became excited and couldn’t wait to begin reading it.

My current participation in the Las Comadres & Friends National Latino Book Club  has introduced me to many remarkable Latino writers such as the author of this book. Latina novelist, Maria Duenas, has a Ph.D. in English philology and is a University Professor who has used her expertise participating in various educational, cultural, and editorial projects. To learn more about Las Comadres de las Americas or about the writer and the novel “The Time In Between” visit the following links below:

Stay tuned for my review of this interesting novel….

What people are saying about the author and novel: 

“Maria Duenas is a true storyteller…Read this book and prepare to be transported.” – Kate Morton, New York Times bestselling author of ‘The Distant Hours’

“A wonderful novel with intrigue, love, and mystery.” – Mario Vargas Llosa, the Laureate – Nobel Prize in Literature

“It’s exciting to find a deftly paced first novel with an engaging heroine, satisfying historical detail, and emotional balance. Love it!” – Esmeralda Santiago, New York Times bestselling author of ‘Conquistadora’ and ‘When I Was Puerto Rican’


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