Had a wonderful invitation for dinner to The Original  – Casa Del Taco. Accompanied by family I enjoyed the warming service and delicious cuisine by the family restaurant managed by Valentin Carrillo.

As I entered, the first thing I noticed in the small but cosy restaurant was the hacienda-like design and its beautiful hand carved tables and chairs. Patiently waiting for the waiter, I had the opportunity to enjoy the amazing details of the hand-carved work from an remarkable artist unknown. I loved it so much that I wanted one for my home.

Good chips and salsa…is the first introduction of a good Mexican appetizer and the delicious Agua de Jamaica makes it even better. The chips were original corn tortillas not the fake chips that are too fried or from yesterday. They were just right. The sweet, cold Jamaica drink made a refreshing impact in my taste buds just like cuisine chosen.

There was a variety of selections to pick from such as the House Specialties: Chicken Mole, Chile Rrelleno con Enchiladas, and the Carne Asada with Nopal salad with delicious sides of rice and beans. Each had its unique taste. I tried the Chicken Mole perfect for this cold weather and it was good. Although I prefer the mole a little sweeter it was a good taste and the rice was soft and not hard as other restaurants along with the home-made beans just like great grandmother used to do them. Its great taste made it special first-time experience. Next time, I will definitely try the Chile Rellenos…my father loved them.

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