Book Introduction: The Maid’s Daughter

I’m very excited to have received a new novel called “The Maid’s Daughter” written my Latina author Mary Romero. As I read through the quick comments of it’s cover it begins to hit home not only because it mentions the similarities in struggles of the working poor and identity crisis I have dealt with but because it also includes the name of Olivia as the main character the same name as my mother.

Mary Romero provides a message about belonging, identity, and resistance. It delivers a message about Olivia’s challenges to establish her sense of identity and the patterns of inclusion and exclusion in her life. See what other authors are saying about the novel:

“A compelling story of how a maid’s daughter moves from a girlhood of rage and resentment to a level of empowerment, as a grown woman, that will make readers want to stand up and cheer. Blending life history and cultural analysis, Mary Romero shows that it is possible to do creative ethnographic work that is of service to both the academy and society. Although the identity of Romero’s protagonist must remain anonymous, her struggle will live on in this memorable book.”

Ruth Behar, author of ‘Translated Woman: Crossing the Border with Esperanza’s Story’

Mary Romero is a professor and faculty head of Justice and Social Inquiry in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University.  She has received prestigious awards such as the American Sociology American Section on Race and Ethnicity Minorities 2009 Founder’s Award. Received a variety of support from other distinguised organization’s for her work such as the Society for the Study of Social Problems Lee Founder’s Award, the highest award made by the Society for the Study of Social Problems for a career of activist scholarship. Also, a former Carnegie Scholar, Pew National Fellowship for Carnegie Scholars, Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. To learn more about Mary Romero visit her site by clicking here.

Can’t wait to continue reading the novel. It seems perfect for young girls and woman who like to read about motivation and empowerment just like the Hermanitas Leadership Program. Come and join me with Las Comadres de las Americas Book Club on a teleconference with the author of this novel on February 27, 2012. Sign up today!



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