Food/Dining Review: Richard Walkers Pancake House

On a beautiful morning like today, a few friends and I decided to celebrate one of our buddy’s birthday and visited the famous Richard Walkers Pancake House. Located in Downtown San Diego, we attended the place early morning as it is known to be full by 8 or 8:30am for the high demand of its delicious cuisine leading to long waiting lines.

Loved the service and the food! This was my first time visiting the restaurant and they were very warming, considerate and patient till the end. It is what the customer wants to see feeling comfortable and excited to return again. It was from the smiles when entering the room to the constant attention to keeping your cup of coffee full to serving the delicious plate of your choice. I being an advocate and an experienced customer service professional who understands the implemention of positive strategies such as this one makes a restaurant succeed.

I decided to try the Santa Fe Omelette which is a Zesty southwestern omelette with a medley of fresh onions, cilantro, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. With jalapeno cheese inside and served with salsa on the side with the choice of a hash brown. Oh boy! That Omelette was so big I wasn’t able to finish it. My other friends were kind enough to share a little of their choices such as the Fresh French Strawberry Crepes which is these crepes that are wrapped around juicy strawberries, topped with tropical sauce, more strawberries and powdered sugar. Also, one of my favorites and craving it right now is the Fresh Strawberry Patch Waffle. It is a waffle dusted with powdered sugar, topped with fresh strawberries, and real whipped cream. Delicious!

Thank you to our waitress Marcela and co-workers who made this experience a special one. I am so looking forward to eating breakfast there again acompanied by other friends and family. Go check it out yourself. You will like it!


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