My Checklist to Voting Execution

I’m in preparation mode for these upcoming elections. Are you?

If you planning to vote you need to be prepared. Why not do a checklist? In preparation to making one of the most important decision-making in your personal and professional life why not look into what it takes to make a “smart” vote? One important element in voting is to meet all necessary requirement and register.

Here are the requirements to vote in the United States of America. To register to vote in California, you must be:

  • A United States citizen,
  • A resident of California,
  • 18 years of age or older on Election Day,
  • Not in prison or in county jail (serving a state prison sentence or serving a term of more than one year in jail for a defined “low-level” felony), or on parole, post release community supervision, or post-sentencing probation for a felony conviction (for more information on the rights of people who have been incarcerated, please see the Secretary of State’s Voting Guide for Currently or Formerly Incarcerated Californians), and
  • Not found by a court to be mentally incompetent.

New elections are just around the corner and this year we are voting on the next President of the United States whose responsibilities are very important for the well-being of the country and its people. To participate in this coming election, you will need to register postmarked by May 21, 2012 in order to vote for the June 5, 2012 Election Day. If you are a new voter and haven’t register or need to update your personal information you may access the Voter Registration Form (informacion disponible en Español), complete the form and mail it to your county elections office of your residency.

Today as previous election days, the Latino vote has been an important part of historical election results such as electing the First African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama. Most of the Latino vote are young and the fastest growing population in the nation. Their vote is an valuable part to many running for office. But which ever race or ethnicity you are, as an American you need to be part of the change and make a difference.

For more information on Voter Education and Outreach visit your Secretary of State in California or in your own home state. Learn more about what’s happening in The White House or follow on Don’t forget to vote!


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