Seven Aztecs shine at the San Diego Latino Film Festival

The 19th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival brings life, hope and power to the community. As a former student and Aztec from San Diego State University, it brings joy to my ears that the film works of seven SDSU filmmakers are being featured in this years’ San Diego Latino Film Festival.


Over hundreds of filmmakers, their films were chosen to screen in the most, demanded festivals in San Diego. Filmmakers such as Ron Najor, Stephen Crutchfield, Neil Kendricks, Brian Garcia, Magdalena Ramirez, Juan Guardado, and Dexter Gareau are only some of the enthusiastics around the world who urge to promote their movies or motion pictures to the audience after a delicate and long process in creating a film from beginning to end. From writing the script and effectively delivering the message across, to developing a photographic roll of images that will impact the audience. It is a detailed-process of execution to create a film and be elected as one of the best movies to show the American audience. Congratulations on a job well-done!

Visit to learn more about these new filmmakers.


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