Tips for Drinking Water

Water is the fountain of youth believe it or not or at least the delay of age. Drinking water has always been a must since I was young and had beautiful skin since then. Cold water or with ice is just the best for me. What’s your favorite way to drink water?


Turbo Jam day 20 of 28 (almost done being a beginner!)

People thinking about or doing juice-fests ask if they should drink water, too (YES!) Now this may sound silly but even just in general people do ask me how I drink enough water everyday. Seriously? In a glass!

Well, it seems this is a really complex topic for a lot of people because if you Google tips drink water there are 66,600,00 responses. And I’m going to add another!

Tip #1: I have a 57-oz glass pitcher and each night I fill it up so the next day it is really icy cold.

Tip#2: Just to jazz things up and to get extra nutrients, I often put things in the water when I make it up the night before like cucumber, mint, ginger or lemon or other citrus. See my recipes here.

Tip#3: My first glass of the day…

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