The Jewish Experience …en Español

Life is about learning and finding ways to develop into a better member of society. Here’s an opportunity I’d like to share with you.

In partnership with the San Diego Chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, the San Diego Latino Film Festival and San Diego Jewish Film Festival are proud to co-present ¡Celèbrate!, an unprecedented festival of film, music, and lectures highlighting the Jewish experience in Spanish-speaking countries starting in May 2012.

¡Celèbrate! begins with the engaging film seminar “Jews in Mexican Cinema”, on May 9th, followed by a spectacular concert with Award-winning guitarist and composer Jaime Valle, then a lecture titled “The Struggle for Tolerance in Mexico” with journalist and research Enrique Chmelnik. An excellent schedule  throughout the month of May. Proud Media Sponsors and former employers of mine are supporting this valuable event: Radio Latina 104.5FM and Univision. Follow them on twitter to learn more about them: @1045radiolatina and/or @Univision . For more information of this experience visit


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