Movie Review: “Won’t Back Down” Screening 2012

In an invite for a movie screening by Las Comadres de las Americas , I had the wonderful opportunity to analyze and enjoy the story of two extraordinary women who fought tough and hard in honor of their children.

As I began watching the film “Won’t Back Down” written and directed by Daniel Barnz and Brin Hill right away it reminded me of an old but powerful film back in 1988 during my high school years ‘Stand and Deliver’. In both films it was the fight for a better education for the children of its school district but this film in particular hit me deeper. As the film progressed the storytelling kept my attention as I never lost track of the reasons behind each scene, each moment, each truth. Viola Davis, known as ‘Nona” was amazing in this film as well as actress Maggie Gyllenhall with her charming personality and belief in making a difference.

This film was remarkably supported by Academy Award cast such as Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Holly Hunter which made this movie more powerful. Actor Ving Rhames known as Principal Thompson although his apperance was a short part in the film he gave a extraordinary performance. I was happy to see Rosie Perez in this film. Even that lazy teacher got on my last nerve. Yes, …and Michael Perry looks good in those jeans…very good performance too.

The story, the cast, the screenplay, the photography…  landed the message with grace. This movie is worth watching. Great job Walden Media! Don’t forget to see it in theaters near you on September 28, 2012.


Thank you Las Comadres de las Americas! For more information about this organization visit .


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