Bless the Hands of its Supporters

I once more appreciate the time and commitment of volunteers and supporters for helping the San Diego community to make a difference. For a life-time I have been a volunteer and supporter of worthy causes that affect many individuals and its families.


Today, I am emotionally overwhelmed and very greatful for the box of food provided by the San Diego Food Bank at the Summer Crest Commmunity Office. For one reason or another, after carrying the box to our car I slowly looked at the box and noticed it said “San Diego Food Bank.” At that time, I realized that I am carrying a box of food that I once prepared for others. With tears in my eyes, I shared my thought with my mother and cried together with happiness. Who would have thought that after years of volunteering for the San Diego Food Bank, the gift of giving would return to me.

Bless the hands of its supporters for helping many people around the community in moments of need. You never know when you’ll be in the other side of the coin. Volunteer it will really make a difference!


For more information about San Diego Food Bank or how to volunteer visit them at



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