TODAY La Llorona on NBC’s “GRIMM”, a halloween latin tale

The Latin American folklore tale “La Llorona” takes front stage on the NBC’s fright show the GRIMM. The old tale known by me and other Latinos is about a story of a distraught mother who drowned her children and then herself. Then the ghost of the mother emerges from water in order to haunt and terrorize the
living as “La Llorona”(“The Weeping Woman”). Norberto Barba, Executive Producer, and Spiro Skentzos (NLMC/NHMC Writers Program 2009 alum) as story editor. Now, is time for others to learn about this well-known horror tale.

The famous Mexican actress adored by many Kate del Castillo guest stars as Valentina Espinosa a mysterious detective from New Mexico working with “Grimm” detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin to catch an other worldly predator believed to be “La
Llorona” after a string of Portland children have been abducted. Castillo also starred in hollywood movies such as ‘Under the Same Moon’, “The Miracle of Spanish Harlem”, and “Without Men’.

“La Llorona” will be aired today Friday, 10/26 on NBC at 9 p.m. (ET), mun2 at 1 a.m. (ET) and Monday, 10/29 on Telemundo in Spanish at 11:35 p.m. (ET). Don’t miss it!

Thank you NBC for this new episode, and to National Hispanic Media Coalition for sharing the good news.


2 thoughts on “TODAY La Llorona on NBC’s “GRIMM”, a halloween latin tale

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Grimm, and it was exciting that Juliette was in on the action as a Spanish-speaking interpreter! I love that even though at times my life seems to be disorganized, I can always count on my Hopper’s Primetime Anytime feature to record and organize all the primetime shows from the four major networks. I was so busy this weekend with Halloween parties that I didn’t get a chance to watch La Llorona until this morning. One of the guys I work with at DISH was asking me all kinds of questions about La Llorona yesterday morning, and now I think I know why. It was fun to reminisce of the tales of La Llorona that my grandpa used to tell me, and I think it was a clever way for the writers of Grimm to introduce the exciting new blue character, Valentina!

    1. Yes, I’m so glad just like you for others to learn about this famous tale we all loved or be scared of. I remember my mother used to scare us with this story. When I heard it was showing on GRIMM I was excited. Thanks to NBC to introducing it to other all around the world.

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