What is the HFPA?

Many of us know or have an idea of what the Annual Golden Globe Awards are about but do you know who HFPA ? HFPA stands for “The Hollywood Foreign Association” and is a non-profit organization who has donate millions of funds to entertainment-related charities for more than 19 years.

I am a big advocate of philantrophy and HFPA has done their work on just that. The HFPA Philantrophy has presented over $ 1. 2 million in grants to 40 entertainment-related non profits and cultural institutions including LACMA, Sundance Institute, American Cinematheque, FilmAid International, The Film Foundation, UCLA, CalArts, Outfest, LA Conservancy and Film Independent.

  • Steven Spielberg, accepted, on behalf of The Film Foundation, a $250,000 grant to be applied to the restoration of Federico Fellini’s landmark 1954 film La Strada,
  •  Jennifer Lawrence, Golden Globe nominee and star of the hit franchise The Hunter Games and the upcoming Silver Linings Playbook, accepted a $ 50,000 grant on behalf of the Sundance Institute, to be used for their career advancement program,
  • Dustin Hoffman, a five-time Golden Globe winner and recipient of a Cecil B. de Mille award, received grants totaling $85,00 on behalf of LACMA/Film Independent film screenings, LA Conservancy’s Last Remaining Seats project and UC Berkeley Pacific Film Archive,
  • John Travolta, two-time Golden Globe winner accepted grants on behalf of a prestigious group of film schools: AFI, CalArts, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State LA, Cal State Northridge, Columbia, LACC, Loyola Marymount, NYU, UCLA and University of North Carolina, totaling $ 445,000,
  • Kerry Washington, star of Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, accepted FilmAid International’s $ 50,000 donation in support of screenings and filmmaker training in Kenyan refugee camps.

So, remember who is behind the Golden Globes – HFPA.


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