It’s National Cyber Security Awareness in October

National Cyber Security Awareness_OctoberDid you know that October is #NationalCyberSecurityAwareness Month.

In this new era of technology, one needs to keep up with the growing demand of gatchets and applications but one must also keep up with the updates on how to protect yourself.


“Today our nation’s cyber networks are as much a part of the American homeland as they are indispensable to modern life in America – the very backbone of our 21st century economy and a major nerve center of our national security. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Every one of us must practice basic cyber security because an intrusion into one computer can affect an entire network.”

Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security


It’s never too much to learn more and more about what is out there. All fun comes with its glitches and one needs to minimize the effect as there are predators out there who would love to still your identity. To learn more about Identity Theft visit .


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