The 5 words that changed my life

These are the five words that changed my life in many ways. Hope it changes yours and inspires to get closer to reaching love and happiness  - "I AM THAT, I AM".  


World Alert: Be aware – could it be ‘the mark?!

I am all for change for the betterment of humanity but this is ridiculous and non-human. The biometric tatoo aka microchip implant on humans has began. Your privacy, your human life in general will be affected on a higher level. Thought I'd share this for your awareness. God help us all.

Live Longer with Ricolife

I've been using Ricolife's products for almost a year and have been a fan since then. My health and wellness has changed dramatically, and now they introduced their newest discovery - the Purple Tea with GHG and anthocyanins. Here's a introduction for your education: Love life. Live longer with Ricolife remarkable products. Visit to … Continue reading Live Longer with Ricolife