World Alert: Be aware – could it be ‘the mark?!

I am all for change for the betterment of humanity but this is ridiculous and non-human. The biometric tatoo aka microchip implant on humans has began. Your privacy, your human life in general will be affected on a higher level. Thought I'd share this for your awareness. God help us all.


Identify Theft: Did Ebay get Hit?

#BreakingNews According to the Better Business Bureau, Ebay states there may have been a possible Identity Theft Online to Ebay Users. Learn more at   #PreventandProtect I use Legal Shield, just in case. Try it out  today! Visit

Shield Yourself: Fight and Prevent Fraud Scams

In today's society, the numbers of human population keeps increasing and so does the percentage of thefts around the world. I have experience a few of my own but have also prevented many as well by protecting myself. Many have come to me for advise or have mentioned a few instances on how people steal … Continue reading Shield Yourself: Fight and Prevent Fraud Scams